Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi.

Is it worth reading?


First of all. Did you ever hear about Trish? If no, it’s the high time you’ve changed it. To me there are two major things about her. First of all-business woman (yes, it’s really important, because there is still little women speaking seriously about business), and the second- the topic, which is sales. The topic that is SO important and so mistreated.

To me it’s really hard to imagine not to do sales and marketing, but believe me, yes, it’s still not that common. And usually companies that I work with as a business strategist or mentor don’t have sales or marketing ward or at least don’t do marketing by themselves. Strange, ha? No, not strange- typical. Why? Because people think that: it is expensive to do sales and marketing, and that there is some knowledge so hard to get that it’s not worth even bothering. Wrong! The most expensive thing is not to have salesperson or sales ward and also the knowledge about sales is nothing that one couldn’t get. And Trish Bertuzzi is thinking the same.

No matter what kind of business you do, the most common question is how to grow your revenue. Either to grow and invest or to just feel the stabilization. How to make it happen? Trish idea of reaching this goal is to have a sales team that will, first of all focus on putting some right prospects into your pipeline. Right prospects are people who can or could in future be interested in your service or product. You probably know the stats. Olny 7-13 % of all leads will agree to meet or to hear what you offer, which does not mean they are ready to buy. Why not help stats and work on big numbers?

What else? She divides all the sales into 6 elements, so she makes it even easier to understand what are the contents of success.

To me, the most important part is about hiring right sales people. There is a quote that I will remember for a long time:

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant” Jim Collins

It’s the most important for me and my clients to pick right sales people to do business with. It takes time and it’s hard but worth it. There is also a guideline that can help you find right people to your team. Use this, and many more tips, everyting written in a very nice and easy-to-read way, and you will be successful in growing your sales.

I got this book from USA and I’m so happy and feel lucky that I have a chance to read it! I recommend it to all my clients and friends who want to widen their perspective on such an important topic!

Thank you Trish Bertuzzi for giving your knowledge and experience to others!

I hope when I’m in USA I’ll have a chance to meet you!

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