Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzi.

Is it worth reading?

First of all. Did you ever hear about Trish? If no, it鈥檚 the high time you鈥檝e changed it.聽To me there are two major things about her. First of all-business woman (yes, it鈥檚 really important, because there is still little women speaking seriously about business), and the second- the topic, which is sales. The topic that is SO important and so mistreated.

To me it鈥檚 really hard to imagine not to do sales and marketing, but believe me, yes, it鈥檚 still not that common. And usually companies that I work with as a business strategist or mentor don鈥檛 have sales or marketing ward or at least don鈥檛 do marketing by themselves. Strange, ha? No, not strange- typical. Why? Because people think that: it is expensive to do sales and marketing, and that there is some knowledge so hard to get that it鈥檚 not worth even bothering. Wrong! The most expensive thing is not to have salesperson or sales ward and also the knowledge about sales is nothing that one couldn鈥檛 get. And Trish Bertuzzi is thinking the same.